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Giving you access to the best prices on exclusive and collectible sneakers the internet has ever seen.


    How do I get access?

    1. Create an account with us, with your email and password, once you do that, log in, and purchase membership.
    2. Click "REGISTER" on our home page and submit your information. 
    3. Each month you will be charged a monthly fee of $19.99.
    4. This website is for members only and all products and prices can only be viewed by members.


    How it works / Rules

    1. A collection of shoes will be added to the website at random times of the day, multiple times a week. 
    2. Shoes will be available on a first come first serve basis.
    3. Each customer will be able to purchase only 1 pair of shoes a day. This makes it fair for every subscriber to get a fair shot at purchasing.
    4. If you purchase more than 1 pair per day you will be refunded for your order, and you will be banned from the website. Your subscription fee for that month will NOT be refunded.




    “How long does it take until I get access to the products?”

    • You now get INSTANT ACCESS to the website when you create your account before purchasing the membership

    “How do I register my password for”

    • Create and account by clicking log in and click "create".

    "Why does my membership shows "Unfulfilled" 

    • We do not mark memberships as "Fulfilled" so don't worry about that.

    "How often can i buy shoes?"

    • You can purchase 1 pair of shoes per calendar day, EXAMPLE: 1st order is at 3:04PM 3/4 you can purchase another pair at 12:01AM 3/5
    • Clothing purchase limits are. SUPREME: 1 Per day BAPE: 3 Per Day

    "Do you offer refunds?"

    • We do not offer any refunds on shoes or membership fees, unless it is an error on our part. Such as requesting a cancel and getting billed after that email. Or if the shoe you received is not what you ordered.
    • Refunds will NOT be offered in the cases of, not being able to make a profit on the item, or the items does not meet the criteria to sell on other selling platforms.

    "Are your shoes wearable?"

    • Any shoe older than 7 years there will be risk of wearing, paint chipping, or cracking may occur during wear.

    “How do I cancel my membership?”

    • You can cancel your membership at any time by going to your account and clicking "Manage Subscriptions" and clicking cancel.
    • Please note, once you cancel you will lose access
    • If you can not find that on your account, please use the link below 

    Membership and Data Delete

    “How often will shoes be added?”

    • Shoes will be added multiples times a week at random days and times. It's best to continue to check the site as often as possible as not every item will be posted or advertised on social media.
    • Main restocks are EVERY Sunday at 3:00PM PST

      “How often do I get billed for the membership?”

      • You will be billed once a month on the day before of your initial registration.

      "How much is shipping?"

      • $12 in California, $30 to Hawaii and Alaska, and $16-$20 within the rest of the US, $55 to Canada Fed Ex Express. International shipping is available and varies between country.

      "What sizes will you carry?"

      • We will typically carry mostly men's sizes from 7.5 to 14. We will post youth sized shoes as well. Most items we post will only be in one size unless it's a newer release there is potential for multiple sizes.
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        Name Your Own Price!
        Name Your Own Price!